Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reasons For Choosing Solid Thermal Insulated Back Tap Blackout Curtain And Buy

Staying in a modern home is very comfortable. In order to achieve this function, you need to make sure that your windows are covered by these Solid Thermal Insulated Back Tap Blackout Curtains. These products are designed in various styles to please customers with different preferences and choices. The pinch pleat drapes are very appealing on the windows. The curtains cannot be compared with other poor quality curtains that are sold elsewhere.

Apart from keeping you safe from being seen by people outside, you will also enjoy the temperatures that are regulated by these pinch pleat drapes. The thermal drapes have been used by several customers because of their insulation property. In this way, you also give your home a modern elegance as well.

Laboratory tests have shown that these drapes can block excessive light from entering your house. This implies that you do not have to worry about the Ultraviolet rays that may interfere with your health when using these drapes. Since they are made from various materials, they also differ in prices. Select the one that suits your needs.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ellis Curtain Crosby Thermal Insulated Pinch Pleated Foamback Patio Panel

One of the pleasures of the pinch pleated drapes aesthetics is that the design range spans a broad spectrum of design and theme concepts.
The Ellis Curtain Crosby Thermal Insulated Drapery is one of the top favorites for home designers and stylers with a matured savor of class and durability.

 The drapery comes in durable and heavy 100 percent polyester material. The texture of the pinch pleated drapes is deliberately soft. One of the key features of this product is the acrylic backing aspect which brings on board insulating qualities and light blocking capabilities.
 Acrylic blocking means that you always have better indoor temperatures compared to the outdoor temperatures whether it's in the cold winters or in the hot summers.
This pinch pleated drapes design comes in five most popular decorating colors themed to fit impeccably in any contemporary interior decoration concept. They drapery has tailor made panels which make the hanging process a no brainer.

The importance of Ellis Curtain Crosby Thermal

In case you are thinking of what curtains to buy for your windows and doors, then pinch pleated drapes are there for you. You do not need to worry because your issues will be solved. The curtains are made I such a way that they look very stylish. This means that your home will appear attractive. Customers who purchase them are not worried of how to clean them. As long as you have the measurements of your window, you can get the right sizes of these drapes.

Considering economic constraints, you will save energy by having these pinch pleated drapes on your window. They allow natural light and at the same time insulate the house. They regulate temperature inside the house. During cold weather, you get warmth as these curtains can retain heat and prevent cold. On the other hand when it is hot outside, the sun rays are not allowed in but instead cool air. Make your order today and you will enjoy the qualities of these products. Improve the looks of your home.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Style master Gabrielle Pinch Pleated Foam Back Drape Review

The Style master Gabrielle Pinch Pleated Foam Back Drape is one of the must-consider pinch pleated drapes from the wide array of drapery options. The drapery can fit seamlessly with any interior decor concept.

 This drapery is textured to block light, reduce noise and alleviate your cooling and heating billing woes. For the pinch pleated drapes, you can get your preferred panel from the available sizes.
 For both the modest and extreme aesthetics penchants the pleated drapery comes in six majestic colors. The colors are Crimson, Oyster, Blue, Chocolate, Taupe and Sage. 
Taking care of the material simply involves machine washing and drying. Material making up this product is 100 polyester and comes with 100-percent acrylic backing.

Price: $33.77

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thermal-Backed Pinch Pleat Draperies and Accessories

When it comes to getting the best drapery for your home aesthetics, making that final choice can be such a daunting task. In this brief review we present a must-consider drapery artefact that comes with an extra touch for revamping the look and feel of your interiors.The thermal-backed pinch pleat drapery comes with 
energy efficient thermal backing.
 With this feature the pinch pleat drapes can insulate your home from outside weather meaning that you can get your house warmer than the outside if it is during the chilly winter seasons and cooler than the outdoors if it is during the hot summers. What this means is that you will save money on air conditioners and various energy intensive utilities of cooling and warming up your home. The pinch pleat drapes are available in up to 6 decorator colors meaning that as a purchaser you are spoilt for choice.
 The drapery is made from polyester/cotton and acrylic thermal backing.For this drapery your can settle for any of the matching sheer, tie back, valance as well as polyester panels. The drapery itself is available in a wide array of colors which include; Blue (BLU), Hunter Beige (BGE), Burgundy (BUR), Russet (BRN), Green (HUN), or Rose (ROS).

Sale:  $19.99

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Patio Door Pinch Pleat Drapes

There are many ways of transforming your homely patio from a pallid inanimate vista into an elegant look and feel. If you are looking to give your patio a fitting facelift look no further than what the pinch pleat drapes can do for your home outdoors.

If you want to pick the route of pinch pleat drapes for enhancing the all-important front side of your home then you need to go for the best set of materials and paraphernalia that will enable you to achieve a visually pleasing finish. Before you approach the implementation phase, you need to ensure that you have chosen the right patio door drapery.
The matter of aesthetics is entirely up to your taste and preferences. What you should ensure thou is that the drapery you are settling for is based on durable material that does not trade in aesthetics for texture. In the range of colors, themes and concepts you will be spoilt for choice as the range of patio door pinch pleat drapes spans various design concepts and themes. You can consider what you prefer in the sets of Oxford Pleats, Fountain Back and Bamboo Patio door, etc.
Choosing drapery panels is as important as choosing the drapery itself. When choosing the panel you need to go for specific panels tailor made for pinch pleated drapery. On this aspect you need to ensure that the size of the panel is in tandem with the rings you will use to hangs the drapes. The spectrum of pleated drapes panels is as wide as that of the pleated drapes itself. Here you can explore different panels in the Eclipse brand as well as various designs in Bal Harbor Grommet and Artisan Box Patio Door Pinch Pleat ranges among a host of many more.
Without proper planning, hanging up pinch pleated drapes can be such an intricate undertaking. However, with thoughtful planning and approach you will be able to gather all the required tools and essentials and this will set you on course to accomplish the patio facelift task.
Make sure you get the right panel, rings, stepladder as well as measuring and cutting tools that you need to complete the task satisfactorily. Take time to shop around for the best drapery themes that suit your preferences and take good time to go over the process before you implement the actual finish in order to minimize your chances of running the patio makeover.

Friday, March 14, 2014

How To Hang Pleated Drapes

Hanging pleated drapes is one of the great ways of completing a majestic look and feel of your house interior. 
Unlike ordinary curtains and drapes, pleated drapes can be such an intricate piece of work if you have not taken time to master how to work with them and get them up there without any hustles. In this short piece we will share with you how to get over the hurdle of hanging up pleated drapes.

One of the things you need to ensure first is that you have bought the correct size curtain rings for the curtain rod. The thumb rule here is that the ring must be of around 1/2 inches larger than the diameter of the curtain rod. This is to ensure that the rings can slide easily across the rod.In this process you will need one ring for each pleat in order to set up your pinch pleat drapes neatly.

 What follows is sliding the curtain rings through the rod and then hanging the rod on the bracket. At this stage you can attach your end caps or if you like, you can wait with these until the curtain is hung up.Next, you need to layout the curtain in order to access the top pleats. Make measurements of about 1/4 inches from the top edges.
 You can use a pencil for this. Top markings need to correspond with markings you will make at the bottom of the hook. You can then move onto inserting pin ends of curtain hooks into the lower markings of each pleat. Try and stick to one hook per pleat so that your pinch pleat drapes can hang down nicely. While on this, ensure that all hooks are at the equal distance from the top edge of the curtain.

 You may consider tweaking the hook spacing if necessary.What follows is taking up the curtain panel and holding it on its pleated top to the window. Depending on the width of the panel, you may need help to carry everything up. If you can get a stepladder then you will be able to comfortably thread the hooks across the pole. Complete this prudently and up go your pinch pleat drapes.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Guide to Buying Lined Pinch Pleat Drapes

Who said aesthetics do not apply to the world of drapery? The spectrum of choices and options your have in the expanse world of drapery is wide enough to span beyond the penchants of both the extreme and the modest. Lined pinch pleat drapes are a great way of transforming your house into a home. With different options in the assortment of ribbon stripe lined pinch pleats, insulated weavers and the insulated Faille pinch pleats, among a host of other lined pinch pleat drapes designs and concepts, every beauty-included homeowner is always spoilt for choice.

Before you settle for any design there are various aspects you need to factor in to ensure that the drapery you are parting with your money for will satisfy your sense of aesthetics as well as the general look and feel of your home. Key factors to consider are price, design and durability. The first aspect, price, logically takes top priority because this is what determines whether you can afford a particular design or not. On the aspect of aesthetics, it is entirely up to you yet what is key is getting a design that is in line with your house interior theme or colors. Durability is key when it comes to anything you are buying. To ensure that you get good value for your money, go for thick and heavy textured drapery with no compromise on splendor though.
If you are interested in getting custom drapery designs then you need to be working with a retailer that can precisely decode your imagination into satisfactory output. If you want to go the custom route it will reward you to take good time to explore different designs, colors and patterns before your settle for anything. You may also be interested in the out-of-the-box designs that are done on two fabrics. This would be a plus on the crucial aspect of durability. In all your shopping around and considerations, your choices must be well informed and should be within the rich of your pocket.